Monday, 17 October 2011

Prichindeii Savureaza!

Taste education workshops

Slow Food - Good. Clean. Fair

Together we can create a healthy environment!

Eurocarta Association launched on Children’s Day the “ Prichindeii Savureaza! “ campaign. This is a project implemented in cooperation with Slow Food Ínternational, Hornbach and the Association of Educators in Romania and it takes place in Brasov.

The main objective is to create an interlinked relationship between different stakeholders for a better environment based on the importance of eating good, clean and fair food. This will involve children, parents, educators, hypermarkets and the local community

Eurocarta Association began the implementation of activities twice a month, concentrated on workshops for taste education, visits from the producers and to producers from Brasov’s area, as well as cooking sessions for children and their parents at Palamari’s Cultural Centre or at the producer’s location.

The activities target children aged between 3 and 7. Each activity will have a particular theme (an organic, healthy and tasty aliment such as honey, yoghurt or gingerbread) that will be changed every two months, when all groups have participated in this activity.

A producer will be invited at the no. 26 Junior Kindergarten to tell the kids interesting things about various kinds of natural products, using pictures and short films in order to make the information easier to understand.

This way, the little ones will learn more about that aliment while having fun reciting poems and playing, also enriching their knowledge about healthy food and alimentation, the objective of “Prichindeii Savureaza!” project.

Eurocarta association aims to expand the parteners’network among producers, hypermarkets and local companies, as well as the involvement of as many kindergartens from Brasov as possible.

If you want to support the “Prichindeii Savureaza” campaign or you want to know more information, contact us at


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